Allergy Awareness

At Easy Sweets Baked Goods, our priority is to provide all those with food allergies (peanut, tree nut, sesame, dairy, and flax) the freedom to treat themselves to decadently delicious desserts with the confidence that they will not have an allergic reaction.  Our space is completely allergy friendly and every ingredient is thoroughly scrutinized to make sure they have not been in contact with allergens from the time of production to the time of sale.

Food allergies affect approximately 2.6 million Canadians, and the incidence is highest among young children with close to 6-8% affected by a food allergy.  There is no cure (yet) – food avoidance is the only way to prevent an allergic reaction.  Allergic reactions could be fatal.  (

Throughout the year, we participate in bringing awareness to food allergies.  Every day new discoveries are being made to help those with food allergies and at the same time, every day another person is suffering.  We are so proud to be the family that makes everyone smile and that contributes to lasting memories.