karen Easy Sweets Baked Goods and Easy Sweets Bake Shoppe was created by Karen Fleischer in order to make delicious and allergy friendly baked goods that are easily accessible for all to enjoy! She most definitely has a story that many who visit our new home come in to hear.

Many of Karen’s fondest memories were about baking in the kitchen with her grandmother who still remains a strong and prominent inspiration today. There were always cakes and cookies in her home. No celebration lacked sweets and treats made by Grandma! Karen moved on to accomplish a Doctorate in Natural Medicine with a specialty in nutrition which lead her to the understanding of the increased need to create allergy friendly baked goods. The concept of allergy friendly, nutritious and delicious desserts hit home when her daughter, Emily, was born and shortly afterwards was diagnosed with severe and life threatening food allergies. This encouraged Karen to revamp how her European family celebrated all of the future events that revolved around the table with accompanying meals and desserts, but also sparked a vision for the impressive goals she would achieve in her future.

Karen, the Creative mastermind and nutritional genius, our favorite cookie taster, recognized the increased interest and necessity to produce a high quality and all natural range of decadent desserts that are tree nut free, peanut free, sesame seed free, and dairy free.

Easy Sweets Baked Goods has evolved from its predecessor, Two Moms Baked Goods, in order to grow this unique and dedicated idea along with Karen’s new visions. To top off her ambitious and unique goals, Karen was also the mastermind behind producing an enclosed and highly monitored gluten free kitchen which would support her creation of a strictly gluten free menu that parallels her already fabulous product line. The new and improved Easy Sweets home now holds its own event venue that will hold a multitude of exciting events paired with a newly renovated and modern bake shoppe for retail purchases on site.

Karen looks forward to supporting you make all of your celebrations and events easy, sweet and allergy friendly!